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We offer you whatever we can to assist you in dealing with the pain and suffering of bullying. Being bullied is not easy to live through, we know that. We also have the experience of living through the effects of bullying. We offer support, encouragement, are here to listen to your specific situation and provide resources for you to utilize which can help you return to a bully free life and once again, live in peace. You don’t have to endure this alone; we’re here for you.

Please, contact us! We are always looking for volunteers, companies and/or organizations to assist us in achieving our major goal in bringing awareness and hope to those being bullied.

Contact our Executive Director, Alice Chiappellone at: alice@bully-b-gone.org
Contact our Spokesperson, Valerie Olson at: valerie@bully-b-gone.org
Contact our Public Relations Director, Jeanette Coulter at: jeanette@bully-b-gone.org
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