Creating awareness and support


About five years ago, my daughter came downstairs one evening in tears.

Not sure what was going on, we listened to a heart wrenching ordeal in which she had been the victim of for many years. Luckily, she was not able to suppress the pain any longer and came to us. Her story included severe bullying to sexual harassment. At the time, we had no idea what kind of impact this situation would have on her and on us, her family. All I wanted to do at the time was to hold her and take all the pain away but I couldn’t do that. I was helpless watching what the effects of bullying can do to a person’s spirit. We know the long road back isn’t over and there have been major setbacks at times but there is hope for better times. I say that but I know it isn’t that simple.

There are no real resources that help kids when they encounter these situations. Many people think that victims of bullying are asking for it or they like the attention or they should just ignore it and so on. It is shocking what we encountered as we sought help and safety for our daughter in school situations and outside school. Our daughter more often than not would ask why she was getting punished instead of the bully being held accountable. My personal belief is that it was easier than dealing with the bully or bullies. That is when the idea of anti-bullying awareness began to develop.

Wouldn’t it be beneficial if we could raise awareness that the bullied victim is not alone? No questions asked, just support. We want to get into schools and/or organizations to encourage people of all ages to think before being hurtful. We want those hurt to know there is a resource available that wants to help them through the pain and suffering.

So this is where it has begun, I looked for a partner to help develop the company and now we are looking for sponsors to help with spreading the word. Most importantly, my daughter has a primary role with the company to assist with getting the word out. If we can help individuals in coping with the devastating impact of bullying, we will be realizing our goals. Bully Be Gone, Inc.!

Alice and Nancy manage our company, Bully Be Gone, Inc., whose trademark phrase is Bully Be Gone. Alice has spent a career as a consultant to corporations. Nancy is an attorney. Nancy and Alice have been friends for a number of years and are both committed to bringing awareness to the many heart-breaking problems caused by bullying.